I regularly heard the following from people when they met me with the twins as babies. “You won’t know what you did with your time”, to which my inside voice responds, “I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I DID WITH MY TIME THANK YOU”! but naturally I smile politely. Unless a person is sitting around twiddling their thumbs and looking at their watch; isn’t everyone really kept occupied with something or other? In hindsight, I think the intention of the phrase is, “You don’t have ANY time to do anything YOU want to do, now do you?” but that would come across as rude, so why not sugar coat it. What became most apparent to me really is that having less time to do your own things, means whatever time you do manage to grab, is very precious indeed. On the plus side, it results in quicker (and hopefully wiser) decision-making and even that uninterrupted cappuccino, hot shower or quick skim through the Sunday paper becomes utter bliss.

Not only does having twins alter the relationship you have with time; it also affects lots of other relationships. The dynamic with your partner changes due to the equal mix of elation and weariness. The appreciation for your own parents ramps up big time when you realise all they did for their own children (i.e. you). If you’ve siblings who have children, suddenly you’re enlightened as to why they did certain things and made particular decisions. And lastly the relationship with other parents of twins opens its doors. With just eye-contact or a few simple words, twin parents understand almost implicitly what the other is going through. They say it about Toyota Prius drivers, in that they salute each other when they’re out and about. Perhaps they too feel part of some special club.

I don’t know if patience is related to time but either way, huge doses of it are required when doing most activities with the twins, especially when attempting to get out the door. The comedian Michael McIntrye put it best with his description of trying to leave the house with his children. I don’t think I’ll ever zip up my jacket again without thinking about his routine. You can check it out here. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1cFt2tWsI4&t=26s


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