Why are people so fascinated and drawn to twins – identical twins in particular? Of course they are unique individuals but so alike that they garner plenty of attention. Many many studies, articles, exhibitions, research, analysis etc. are about twins. I wonder if it’s that we view them similar to an optical illusion? Kind of like those ‘spot the difference’ puzzles? Perhaps it’s because they’re kind of rare and we’re attracted in general to things or people that are uncommon. One thing for sure is that they pique people’s interest in lots of ways and considering the amount to be found in the entertainment industry, they appear to be quite popular. Unusually enough, there’s even an indie pop band from New York with two lead female singers who look like they’re twins but only because they have the exact same high maintenance hair-cut and colourful clothes. They aren’t even related but apparently they do it because they say it gives them a giggle.

When I started writing this, someone mentioned to me that there’s a craze whereby people try to find their doppelganger online, with websites even set up to help with the search. Now that just goes to show how much people want to have someone else that looks like them. I honestly can’t see the appeal of finding a stranger who may look like me. I actually find it quite bizarre but then again, lots of things in our modern times take me by surprise.

Some of the comments that people tend to ask twins go like this. Do you think of each other as a ‘friend for life’? Can you tell sometimes what they may be thinking or are you aware of any significant event happening to her when you’re apart? Do you think it’s an advantage in ways to be a twin and if so, what are they? Do you want to play tricks on others by pretending to be each other or do you feel that people expect that of you? Do you feel under pressure to pursue similar goals in life? Is it annoying or advantageous that people can’t tell you apart at times?

Getting asked what’s it’s like being a twin must be kind of strange if that’s what you’ve grown up with and is the norm. It’s the outside world projecting it’s pre-conceptions onto what they imagine them to be like. I wonder if it’s similar in any way to be asked “what’s it like being Irish” – something I’ve read articles about. Personally I’d find it challenging to answer that one. I suppose you’d get a more rounded answer by asking someone who isn’t Irish but hangs out with Irish people, what they’re like in relation to people from other countries.


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