Sleeping when you can – part 1

Have you ever felt so utterly exhausted that, as you’re falling into a blissful slumber, you start thinking about the next time you’ll be able to enjoy sleeping, after this current one? Kind of like, you’re about to tuck into lunch and along with the anticipation of what you’re about to eat, thoughts of how tasty dinner is going to be also bring advance excitement. I thought others did this but after talking with friends and family members they haven’t.

Either way, this is what I’ve found the experience of sleeping to be like for the first few months with new born baby twins. It probably goes on for longer than that actually but it’s a bit of a blur to be honest. It’s remarkable though to think how humans can still function on snippets of sleep scattered here and there. Now I’m not saying that it would be advisable to operate heavy machinery in this state or even attempt to thread a needle – however the fact that being the person responsible for two little siblings, only new to the world, goes to show how you can do it. On top of the challenge of making do with short bursts of sleep, there’s no guarantee how long each nap will last but there are one or two benefits believe it or not. Usually the first couple of sleep stages are sped up and it’s straight into REM (Rapid Eye Movement) which they say is the deepest level along with when experts say, we dream. As a result, that 30 min or 2 hours (if you’re lucky!) kip is quality stuff.

Years ago in a job interview, I had to do a series of psychometric tests where they asked random questions in a few different ways. In general, it’s apparently to find out your personality type. One question that stood out for me was about holidays. The interviewer asked me if I’d prefer lots of short holidays or a couple of long holidays to which I replied the former. What I enjoyed most (see how I use the past tense) were several short city or country breaks spread out over the year. The same can be applied to sleep with newborn twin babies. If I were by some miracle, to manage 8 hours sleep in one go, I don’t think it would have been enough to keep me going energy wise (at the time). The short snappy sleep pattern worked better where I’m concerned. As I’m writing this, I can’t believe that I’d count 3 hours sleep in one go as bliss. Perhaps I’m trying to convince myself into believing sleeping that way was better. It’s debatable, but on the plus side it seemed to work. Oh yeah I did mention that there were a couple of benefits to the lack of sleep situation but I can’t actually think of a second one. Oh well – I may as well sleep on it!!


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