Twice as amusing

When I saw pictures of George and Amal Clooney attending the royal wedding, my first thoughts were of their twins. Were they nearby, who was looking after them and were their uber famous parents thinking about them much during the ceremony? Because they're extremely private about their babies, we'll possibly never know and either way, … Continue reading Twice as amusing


The craic with Daddy Pig

My husband inadvertently mixed his bright white new bath towel in with his dark clothes wash and it turned into a lovely shade of lilac with a hint of pink. The first words out of his mouth when he saw it was "it's like what happened to Daddy Pig". That got me thinking about Peppa's … Continue reading The craic with Daddy Pig

The craic with hair…knot (pun intended)!

I deliberated for some time about whether to write a post about my hair – I mean what’s the connection between that and the craic with twins?! More than I realised actually. When looking back through photos on my computer I found one of me looking heaving pregnant with such glistening locks that shades are … Continue reading The craic with hair…knot (pun intended)!

To bus or not to bus… park or not to park?!

As we live in a city, the bus was something I used quite a bit to get around with the twins, as it was handy for the most part. I’d stroll down the hills with the buggy and be grateful for the lift back up later. For the record, Irish public transport, particularly buses wouldn’t … Continue reading To bus or not to bus… park or not to park?!

A little bit about transport

Getting out and about comfortably with twins is extremely important and deserves quite a bit of thought beforehand in relation to how you’ll transport them. Let’s start with car seats. As far as I’m aware - you’re not allowed leave the hospital with a newborn without them. First stage baby seats seemed easy enough to … Continue reading A little bit about transport

Lights, camera, capture.

In the film world, they say never work with children or animals; with good reason. While both are very cute, they're equally unpredictable and if you've a certain task you need to get done with them, it can become very challenging. In certain circumstances, it's a challenge worth taking, especially when it comes to getting … Continue reading Lights, camera, capture.

Sleeping (male perspective) – part 2

Here are my husband's musings below, primarily about sleep; a few weeks after the arrival of our identical twins; “I have recently encountered two characters who would make excellent material for evil nemesis in a blockbuster. Their plan is to conquer the world using only the weapon of sleep deprivation. Yes, it is a powerful … Continue reading Sleeping (male perspective) – part 2